History (English)

Geométrika FM is a musical proyect born in 2007 with the firm objective of uniting Razeed’s two fundamental compromisses: techno music and social intervention.

The leitmotiv “Techno to change the World” is a declaration of intent about our double compromise with music and society. Materialized in the events organised as cultural association and the annual donation of % of our income as record label, including merchandising and the label’s showcase to several social causes.

At this particular moment Geometrika is supporting “Chiquillos”, “En el campo” and Medics without borders.

Cronology of the project:

2007. Our story sees the light at Radio Utopia with the objective of portraying the personal and social strories behind the music.

2008. First Geométrika FM party.

2009. WEB Proyect.

2011. Geométrika FM establishes its Record Label.

2015. Geométrika FM cultural association is branded.

2016. First intervention with children at Asociación PAIDEIA.

2016. First solidarity market “Records(vinyls) for toys” .

2018. Birth of “Etiqueta Rosa” within the record label.

2018. Our Gente Geométrika podcast series will have the same number of women and men each season.