Etiqueta Rosa (English)

Convinced that everything that does not change tends to disappear, I believe that projects should readjust, from time to time, as well as their ideas and approaches.

During the 2018/2019 season, Geométrika FM “Etiqueta Rosa” will be born for several reasons:

* Open our minds to new musical styles (although the Techno will not be out of our “Etiqueta Rosa” or much less).
* Increase the involvement of the artists in the social commitment that Geométrika FM proposes.
* Carry the solidarity commitment that we assume, through financial donations, to more Social Organizations, to more collectives at risk and to different places.

Why the name “Etiqueta Rosa”?

I have recently became the father of a girl, which has made me aware of the multiple discriminations suffered by women. Among them, I have been especially struck by the pink rate, by which, women’s things are more expensive than their equivalents for men, for this reason and with the humble intention to help unlink the rose of this and other negative meanings I decide to name our new project as Etiqueta Rosa.

How will it work?

* The invited artist will decide to which organization part of the money raised by the sale of the physical copies of his work is destined.
* The causes must comply with the social and individual values of Geométrika FM.
* It will be edited, first, in physical format (CD, Cassette, USB, Vinyl, etc).
* From each reference will come a “single” with remixes in the usual frame of Geométrika FM to maintain a constant link between both labels.
* After an exclusive sale time in physical format it will be sold digitally through Bandcamp (going to the collection from that moment to the general fund of Geométrika FM).

I hope you support this new way of working in the same way that you have done with the rest until now.

A hug and thanks!


PD: Faced with some confusion, caused by the choice of pink as a color, I clarify that it is not a project dedicated exclusively to women but that the artists will be able to dedicate their effort to the group they wish, and to the genre they wish, provided that they comply with our values.

The choice of pink, as I explain in Why the name “Etiqueta Rosa”? it is a consequence and symbol of a personal commitment, it does not define the objective of the project. It is only one color.