Toubba @ Gente Geométrika 085

“Techno in Dubai is most certainly getting attention “musically” but not enough, however the culture of it is nowhere to be found. Not many people understand what Techno & underground dance music culture actually represent – which always been beyond the parties – It’s a catalyst for change, a charge against the elitism that is rampant in current society, and most certainly challenges the past, the current, and the future status quo of the dance music scene in any city – Dubai is no exception. There are leaders who lead movements, but don’t really have a committed following. The audience are far from really understanding what they support, they have no clue what they really are participating in and have absolutely no care of the negative impact they’re contributing towards. Dubai has potential, but we have a long way to go in order for the audience to learn something much bigger than a dancefloor – which is an idea, with a sense of strong belonging, to be part of a movement that is down to earth, real, and truly accepts you for who you are. As with all cities that have history with real & genuine dance music scene, it’ll probably take Dubai 20 to 30 years to have a real strong underground music scene & culture. In the meantime, most people are just following headlines.”


1. Demian – Who Am I To Judge (Original Mix)
2. CYRK – Chappers Said So (Original Mix)
3. Eugene Pascal – Work the Pocket (Original Mix)
4. Voiski – The Valley of Nothingness (Original Mix)
5. Adan Hendrickson – Olimpic (Original)
6. HD SUBSTANCE – Ephemeris (Original Mix)
7. Pfirter – Defiance (Original)
8. Arma – Intimacy (Original Mix)
9. DJ Sodeyama – DJ/Producer – Test Pttrn 007 (Original Mix)
10. Temudo – Sacred Deer And Hereditary (Original Mix)
11. Unpleasant Behaviour – Different Mood (Original Mix)
12. Augusto Taito – Axiomatical (Original Mix)
13. Mattia Trani – Over the future ( Orlando Voorn aka The Nighttripper )
14. Citizen:Kane – Popcorn (Original Mix)